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Now it's a monthly section 'Ask Me Anything', I answer your question so don't forget to send them.

In the comments below for me to answer them later You can ask anything you want. Some questions were really funny.

Okay, let's go. What's the first one? Do esports players get pension? I haven't retired yet to answer this I don't think it's likely to be so, unfortunately. For now.

Maybe in 10 years or in some countries even earlier.

It'll be true. It all comes to it What if you were not a gamer? If you hadn't succeed? What would you do? Rather a difficult question: who would you be?.

Don't know, maybe I would set up business Like what? It doesn't matter, I just like this idea of developing.

I would do what I like and what makes money.

Don't know, it's hard to tell. Now I'm some kind of blogger at the same time.

Maybe I would film some cool videos.

Like vines and so on Something like that Can you publish an audiobook? Well, we've been thinking about it It's not that easy.

Firstly we need to translate it into English.

We're doing it right now. We also need to translate it into Ukrainian.

It all takes time. We need to publish it at least in Russian.

We could do it but now we don't have such task in mind.

How much time do preparations last? How did you gather NaVi and find sponsors? It depends whether it is LAN or not. Then you must evaluate the chances soberly.

If you go to the tournament and you know how other teams play.

You understand and analyze their best sides.

You estimate your chances. For example, when I played for Gambit they were 24th.

On hltv. We didn't have an aim to win tournaments So we had some goals like....

It's a secret but we had a goal at the beginning to win Major.

We kept it in mind and after a year it became true.

But at other tournaments our task was to gain experience.

So we practiced a lot. We'd been playing for months.

Just closed the door and played We always knew we were trying to catch up with others and never were favorites.

Of course we had to work a lot, much more than others.

To get at other teams' level and surpass those ahead of us.

If you are a team who is the favourite at the tournament.

You can do some work, play and be beaten by someone. Like ENCE did with us.

You'll be wondering how it happened but no one knows how much ENCE's trained.

Maybe they won those particular 2 rounds because they practiced more.

And they got what they deserved, so to say If you're underdogs and want to win, you have to do so much work.

Much more than other teams I can't say exact figures how much you should practice for a tournament.

Years, months. Always About sponsors. Guys, they want to things.

First, your result. Second, media personality.

If you don't fit the first point, you are not likely to fit the second.

So first of all, achieve the result. With the result you'll get media involved.

And then there will be sponsors It's not a problem, they can find you by themselves Would you like a new tattoo? I think about it, I have a lot of tattoos. If I do one more, I'll show it to you How often do you go to gym? I've been going to gym for three months three-four times a week.

I have set goals in mind. Before I used to....

I happened not to go there for several weeks, sometimes for months.

But I've been training for about ten years.

Sometimes more, sometimes less but I try to keep in shape.

What do you feel playing against Astralis/Liquid? I don't feel anything special playing against Liquid I just remember that we keep losing to them and we want to win finally.

We want to adjust to them, to feel confidence and power against them.

I think if we had met Liquid at Major a second time we would have won.

About Astralis: I always feel it's very difficult to play against them.

They play great and tough in the game.

All those tactics, flashes, rounds and so on Besides, they're emotionally charged and they're strong fighters and it's important.

It's very hard to break them down, destroy them morally.

Every team has its own limit and when a team reaches it.

It starts to swim. We call it a swim.

It's when a team can't play confidentially and precisely, can't concentrate Then they start to lose like 10-1.

You just start to sort of melt down and that's it for you.

But that rarely happens to Astralis Even in the most difficult situations they're looking for something to catch on.

To win an almost lost round and then the whole match That's why I admire them, they're amazing, respect to them.

It's a team which must be today.

In 2019. It had to appear.

And show what professionalism in esports is like and how it works Astralis showed that to everyone, respect Is a vacation after Major necessary? You need to have a vacation after every tournament especially this one in Katowice where we just went mad and depressed after two weeks.

You need a vacation after any competition because they're very tiresome.

But often it doesn't work so. For example, now we fly to China and then to the USA.

So we won't have a vacation But we can't do anything else because otherwise it's be impossible to compete with the best teams.

Everyone works a lot.

We'll have a vacation later. When we retire.

Can I order your book online? Will there be your autograph/insert? Yes, yes, there are going to be bonuses like my autograph and inserts.

You will be able to order the book online.

Soon we'll open a site where you can preorder it.

The book must be bombastic. It has 400 pages and there are a lot of cool stories.

We're still in process. Be ready and keep your $12 (approximately) at hand.

We don't want it to be an ordinary book, more like a souvenir for you to keep it.

Or you can give it to someone as a gift. It has a beautiful hard cover.

Good quality paper. Now we're thinking about adding autographs and other bonuses Also there'll be a cool thing like a secret code.

One who finds it will get a serious prize.

It won't be just one. We haven't agreed on the amount yet.

Prizes are different but one is really cool We keep in mind some marketing stuff.

When there will be CIS League's servers in Far East? We plan it to be in the beginning of summer Is there a pressure from the team if you don't make a kill? It all depends on the mindset of the whole team, how calm guys feel.

Whether there is balance in the team.

When you or your teammate didn't kill someone, it depends on how you treat it.

And what that guy who failed thinks about it If he failed and he thinks that the team thinks of him as a bastard.

But if he failed and the team supports him and says just not your luck.

He will say to himself to gather his shit together.

And he'll try to do his best to improve. So there's no need to blame him So everything depends on the state in the team For now we're working on this issue because we have some problems with it but....

But we make progress so ta say Can I get to FPL via CIS League? Yes of course. We give away three slots in FPL and FPL C So guys you can really get there, it's your chance I've already told about these opportunities in CIS League and we're gonna add more.

I'll tell you about it later. You can make your esports career real there.

You'll get serious esports offers. Then you will develop step by step.

You'll make progress in a professional way I think it's the most professional way in the world.

It's what we've planned and what's we're working on.

Now you can win a slot in FPL.

And play with the best players in the world and you can be noticed there That's how your esports career may be made. Just what many gamers did.

By FPL they decided their own destiny.

So everything is possible, yes Thanks for asking me question All questions are of different types. Ask me something new.

Maybe my private life but something we can discuss Maybe you want to know some secrets. Write in the comments.

And we'll choose the best and the most interesting questions and answer them.

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