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Кругосветка "Мир наш". Фильм I. Первая серия. Подготовка к путешествию, автомобиль Toyota Hilux

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Кругосветка \"Мир наш\". Фильм I. Первая серия. Подготовка к путешествию, автомобиль Toyota Hilux


В июне 2015 года мы отправились в наше самое большое путешествие по миру, разбитое на 12 этапов. Первая часть поездки была полна приключений и продлилась почти два месяца и закончилась совсем не там, где мы планировали. Вместо горного Непала мы попали в Малайзию. Как это случилось и чего нам это стоило смотрите в первом фильме о наших приключениях «Неизведанная Азия».

Фильм-сериал состоит из 6 серий. Это первая серия, здесь мы занимаемся подготовкой путешествия, делаем машины, собираемся в долгий путь и выезжаем в Монголию.

После публикации последней серии выйдет киноверсия фильма.

Также в этой серии немного о тюнинг автомобиля, конкретно тюнинг пикапа Toyota Hilux. Ведь впереди у нас путешествие на внедорожнике, а значит пострка машины-это важный шаг!

Подготовка к путешествию , прокладка маршрута и сам маршрут-это все здесь)

Нас ждет неизведанная Азия, экспедиционник и поездка вокруг света!


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Kamerzanov & Co presents.

World automobile expedition "The world is ours".

The world is ours Season 1. "Unexplored Asia".

First Episode.

August 5, 2015..

Pattaya. Thailand.

According to the plan our team was supposed to arrive to the capital of Nepal - mountain city Katmandu which is 3000 km away from Pattaya. But something went wrong....

Half a year ago.

-One of those exciting moments when you get inside your brand new car.

-Sometimes they ask us "How did you come up with the idea to go around the globe by cars?" -It was not enough for us just to travel around mother Russia. We've traveled enough of middle Asia We were driving further and further until we reached Malaysia..

At certain point we realized- we are ready! That's how this project "The world is ours" was born.

The idea was grandiose. To drive around the world visiting the most interesting places..

Even those where they have never seen cars with Russian plates..

Our route is spreading among 5 continents. We have to drive through 50 countries. We have everything on our way: highest mountains, deserts, tropical forests, seas and oceans..

First couple of miles are not easy to make by new car..

Honestly speaking I am a bit nervous. Last time when I've driven new pickup car was 7 or 8 years ago when I was buying "Nissan- Navarra". And again, today. Actually I have always been against automatic transmission on SUVs, I thought it was for weak people. But now I am driving it and it seems like I am enjoying it.

Maybe I will even get used to it. Of course 3 liters is 3 liters. It's not 2,5 and looks like technology has gone far within the last 8 years..

I can feel that the car is quite tractive. Grabs it immediately even though we are on summer tires. But I still try not to speed up and brake up slowly..

But I like it. All in all I am satisfied. Hope this car will serve me long. We perfectly understand where are going, thats why we decided to pimp our rides seriously..

We changed suspension, increased clearance, put bigger and thicker tires, protection and compressor..

We installed powerful bumpers with winch both in front and from behind of the car. Gas tanks became twice bigger than before. (Andrey Yesin, representative "Poliuretan", LLC) - When we found out that Alexey wants to drive around the world, of course, we decided to participate in this project. We wanted to see how our parts will be working in extreme conditions, on different surfaces with different temperatures from -40 to +50..

We installed intensified springs to lift up the car so that it can be loaded more. Powerful links, shock-absorbers, steps, because springs are meant to be for a heavier weight..

Regular gas tank is put off and we are going to install a new and bigger one made of stainless steel for 140 liters..

Then there we'll install protection to cover dispenser(?), gear-box, engine pallet and radiator. Springs are fixed in front, intensified springs, again. And a strong shock-absorbers to increase the clearance of the car..

"This will be covered. Nobody will crush it" A.G - What"s an advantage here? We don't have a window. All this part is monolithic. it's the same plastic as everywhere else (Guys) We decided to install receiver in the rear bumper, in the niche where winch was supposed to be. We are not considering a winch in the rear, so we install plastic receiver to protect the body of the car from damages. We install snorkel..

Thats how it will look like. In stead of typical lags we are going to install threading lags for the snorkel..

(Anton Suprun) - When I've heard about Alexey's Project I thought that"s exactly what we need to check our technology. We looked through the whole route that goes along different regions across the world. Exactly what we need. We worked out the technology of Phototrack. It's reliable connection of smartphone pictures to the exact place and time coordination..

We worked out a scenario prototype, how it will look like on the web site and mobile applications.

And spoke to Alexey's team so that they help us to test it.".

A.G. "Not only cars have to be prepared but also the route itself. We had to open permits to cross China, customs clearance documents, carnets for India, think of safety measures in Pakistan. It all was very time and energy consuming".

(Victor Satyshev, marketing director MTS) "I really liked the idea of the world tour "The world is ours". We decided to participate as sponsors because the idea of this project is very close to our brand.

And the company itself. Also it was a good idea to test roaming of our connection in exotic countries you are planning to visit..

We only hear about those countries from the news channels and geography text books in school..

It's very interesting..

(Guys at the shop) "We've made insulation of the roof and doors. We didn't go down to the bottom, it doesn't need to. We took out USB cables from all the possible places so that it will be convenient to use for different gadgets..

We installed acoustic for portable radio transmitter. All the gadgets we divide into pieces..

Bodies of the gadgets we keep in one place but the operating elements in the other. We are planning to remodel interior of the car as well. Some buttons are changing place..

In stead we we'll have walkie-talkie place, buttons to control the outside lighting..

Here we are going to have radar detector, here we already have transmitters for USB chargers,.

Cables are going to be reachable for all the necessary gadgets..

We got lucky that we got walkie talkie 8800 ft Yaesu, that has removable panel. We moved this panel to the bottom of the dash board..

Speakers are installed in the dash board as I said before. The sound quality should be at the good level. This is going to be outside front lights, rear light will be there too, this is a device switcher, turning on voltage transformation to 220 V. Quite powerful kilowatt. We installed sockets for use . 3 weeks later So the installation is over. Everything we were talking about is now installed..

We put autonomous GPS tracker at the perfect space for it,.

We took out the cables for GoPro camera, speakers for walkie-talkie, USB cables for different devices: for 5th, iPad,.

New radar detector of the new age..

Here we haven't changed anything. All more or less interesting things we meet at the bottom. Portable radio transmitter, then there goes control panel for the roof lighting,.

Power control 220V, couple of USB cables..

… located at the rear, behind the seat, everything is saved. Seats can be folded, a car has to be a car..

Pushing the button....

Pipe is charging from the compressor, compressor from receiver (somewhere at the back of the bumper)..

Pressure is 8 A. Pipe is very powerful. I think not only in the city but in the mountains and forests it will be heard very well..

It was not enough just to fix the cars. We had to test them. We drove thousands of kilometers, reaching the most distant places in Altai,.

Checking if everything is ready..

We decided to drive our cars to the woods. Real russian forest where there are somewhat off road elements.

So that we could test our cars one more time..

So we are going to speed up in a dirt, overcome obstacles, will see how they feel like, look if we have everything under control and if we are ready to go to our long distance trip.

It is an interesting feeling I get from driving on our new tires. I have been driving Navara with 33'' tires for many years..

Now we put 35'' tires on Hilux and it feels very smooth even driving over small holes and hummocks..

- we drove our cars on the woods, taiga, dirt roads, almost non passable woods..

It would be better if we notice all the little defects now than somewhere in the middle of nowhere..

-the paddle happened to be deeper than I thought. I was sure I can slowly cross it. But it happened that I fell into it and this quag drag us down. I can't say we're stuck here but we need someone tows us.

Our departure was surprisingly warm and cheerful. There were a lot of people. Our friends, followers and just supporters. People came up to us, shook our hands, wished us good luck and safe trip. It was very nice and touching.

I will keep my eye on them, they will be behaving This way we'll be on camera for sure.

A.G. Since we are leaving on hot summer Saturday.

(it's +30 out) we got stuck in traffic..

- Friends, I got great news for you! If our total milage is 150 K km, we only got 149,900 left!!.

- Today we have our first stop. We are located 200 km away from Mongolian border..

Customs control point Tashanta is closed on Sunday so we decided to put all our stuff to final order..

Since we are going to a very serious trip, breakage is quite possible..

We'll have to change some spare parts, so we decided to take the maximum of it. At first we took a lot of air filters. Mongolia is a very dusty country..

We also got oil, gas filters, lamps..

In case studs get broken on tires.

We took an extra set of belts, lots of minor parts and very important - 4 shock absorbers because the risk of breaking them is very high..

We also took consumables that include oil in 20 liters cans. Just in case, because we wouldn't like to buy goods with uncertain quality in China as we had this experience before..

We are going to change these consumables according to the standard maintenance scheme.

Because on the highway with soft shock absorbers the car is unstable on turns.

So it was very scary to pass on the turns.

On the Mongolia boarder we got out of the car and decided to play with dogs who trained on drugs search..

And somehow we became friends with the officers. So they offered us to perform a dogs show using our stuff..

They hid some kind of plaster cast in our belongings and the god was searching. It was very interesting and fun. We haven't seen anything like that before but then we got scared to drive because we had many boarders ahead and the drug smell could still be left there.

We couldn't set up Mongolia beginning point. So friendly frontier guards explained us that Mongolia starts is where asphalt ends.

Mongolia surprised us with total absence of highways, but big amount of directions

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