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Живой Футбол. Сеан Гарнье. Интервью + Влог с чемпионом мира по футбольному фристайлу. Панна, стрит-футбол, мини-футбол, шоу, сумасшедшие трюки и все, чем живет легенда. // Big interview with Sean Garnier. World freestyle champion.

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I got some interesting questions for you May be some of them you have never heard.

Hello Sean. Nice to meet you here after London Do you know that your trip was organized by me?.

I am kidding mate! It's like panna, you know! 1:0! Let's talk about your name and nickname You are Sean Garnier not "Shon"? Your real name is Arno? You were born and live in France.

I know you played football as a professional Wich team? How it was? Why did you retire?.

So you retired just because of the injures?.

How did you discover freetyle at the first time?.

What is your best panna you won't ever forget?.

What is your favourite trick?.

Why do like to play against random people on the streets?.

You filmed with lots of stars... Pogba, Neymar.. But who amazed you the most?.

He has so perfect touch on the ball.

What is the most crucial day of your life you won't ever forget?.

It's common knowledge that pro football is all about hard injures What about freestyle?.

Which is your hardest injury?.

Did you have a surgery?.

You have been to different places, different countries... But which one is the most attractive to you?.

What country do you plan to visit next time?.

Have you seen our tutorials of your skills?.

What is your goal in life? Now and in general?.

Yeah it's all about teaching a kid how to be a person in this life! It's not about football or freestyle...

Well guys Sean turned out to be a very kind and open minded person As most of us expected according to his videos So please thumbs up this video!

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