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Праздник (2019) Фильм

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В ролях: Алена Бабенко, Ян Цапник, Тимофей Трибунцев, Анфиса Черных, Павел Табаков, Ася Чистякова

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Художник Евдокия Замахина

Звук: Нелли Иванова, Анастасия Аносова

Второй режиссер Жанна Бойкова

Монтаж: Владимир Зимин, Алексей Красовский

Песня \"Поле мое, поле\": композитор Иосиф Ковнер (написана в 1937 году, выпущена впервые в 1941 году).


Итальянский язык - Francesca Loche

Английский язык - Андрей Сазонов

Польский язык - Józefina Piątkowska

Французский язык -

Китайский язык - Sazonov Andrey, Dexter Yen, Kingston Liu

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- You got into trouble with the party boss again? No, I haven't I saw Mrs. Tyapkovski today They got a whole duckling! And us? Chicken! Though the Tyapkovskis are only in HR of the party commitee..

If you haven't, why are we having this?.

We've got the highest class... You'd prefer a peacock? Yes, I would. I most definitely would. We're getting chicks half a year already And you're on the verge of the greatest discovery, you must feed yourself properly!.

By the way, have you seen what fur coat Mrs. Tyapkovski got herself? It's sure none of my business, but someone ought to ask 'for whose money?' I got you a recipe book. Won't we get our Lyuba back? Just for half a day, for the kitchen! Say thank you they left Matvey with the automobile! I can't imagine, how me and Lizochka would have got to the lab without him! (Wife): What a terrible end to the year!.

Lisa told me you got into fight with Maxim He broke a Petry cup. With bacteria? (Husband): if it was with bacteria, I'd have killed him. Look, next time, next time, kill him for me. Because I don't want our daughter to see him. Margaret, our daughter, she is an adult and we must treat her choice with... ...respect. You think I wanted to hire him? I don't understand how he managed to get a degree in Baku,.

He'd sure be kicked out here, in Leningrad, in his junior. Always gets things wrong Took him 5 days to remember my office. All his idiotic questions about bacteriogenesis, mitosis. Rita, let's not talk about my work today, please Oh, now, when I don't pry you about work, you don't like, when do, bad either Can't please you enough!.

Granny Is asking to take her trash out. Granny's got constipation, it's the third day she does. Must have relieved herself. (Husband): Can't you get it straight? Two times: trash Three times: faeces... Three times: drink! Four times: open window! Five times: close window! We did get it straight, it's time you remembered it! There must be free numbers yet left... Faeces are also trash! Or you want her to be knocking for the whole day?! No, but I want to know what prepare for! Be ready to all!.

Yuck. Lyuba! Jesus, she's out. I'll never get used!.

I'm coming. I'm coming, I'm coming!.

Mum, that's Masha, she'll be staying with us for the New Year's Eve. Eh, what... Oh, sorry. Mum, let me introduce Masha. May she stay with us for the New Year's Eve? Good evening, Margarita Polykarpovna. Good evening, well, you can call me aunt Rita. Denis, I thought I know all your classmates... Masha's not a classmate. We met each other in the bombshelter, during the air raid..

Well, okay. Right, okay. Make yourself comfortable, if you're to stay anyway. Straight home after first date?.

I can leave, if I'm embarassing you. Where would you go? The driver has left, and the nearest station is in... 15 kilometers. No-no, Mashenka, you're not embarassing us a bit. Oh, you've got a... ...chimney. I'll dry my insoles, if that's alright. Can I? Thank you, I'm terribly cold..

Mashen'ka, we've got a lot of newspapers we don't use, I can give you as many as you want. Mum's joking, of course, we have spare insoles. Mashen'ka, New Year is a family holiday. Do your parents know your're here? (Masha): My parents? They died. Mum starved, dad fell under ice. (Margaret): My sympathies..

So, you're an orphan? No. I've got younger sister, older sister, granny, cousin Julia who didn't make it for Tadzhikistan to relatives. Now she lives with her daughter at our place. You've got so many ladies. (To Denis): thank you for not inviting them all. Her father died two days ago, they had their allowance halved. You imagine what it all feels like? (Margaret): Well, it can't be undone now. What do they say? Crowded in but not mad..

Hi, dad, it's Masha. Hello. (Dad): Hello there. They met each other in the bombshelter. May Masha stay with us for the New Year's? That's a wonderful thought. Children create festive mood, don't they? Well, you can contribute to it yourself. By taking away that pot where it belongs. What's the hurry? We've got time before the clock strikes..

3 hours 20 minutes, to be precise. It's empty, false alarm. Just go. Masha, do you need anything else? Oh, no. It's so good in here. Like in heaven..

So, what will your instructions be, what should I serve now? Let Lyuba decide. Lyuba's taken. What were you thinking when you invited Masha? You want everyone to know how we live, what we eat... The city is starving. You read it from newspapers or saw from the automobile's window? If you don't care about me, think about Masha, her health. She's thin as a stick! Can you imagine what'll happen with her, if I put out all the courses? This house has 5 rooms. If Masha's getting on your nerves, we'll celebrate in my room. I don't want to celebrate the holiday apart. This is a family one!.

Okay, Lisa is coming with the car. We'll send back ...your Masha..

Why send the driver out for nothing? Matvey has definitely got a family and they too want to be with him on the Eve..

I'll give her pies, insoles. No, better valenki (felt boots) Babushka doesn't need them anymore. I think valenki is a gorgeous gift. Yes, and the red hood. It'll fit to all this perfectly. It will to the pies, it will to the basket. Son... If you point her at the door, I'll go with her! Wait, you can't... Masha, I'll show you my room. Your mum doesn't welcome me here I feel. Nothing can please her enough. My father works at the secret laboratory. They live in constant fear the Germans will find out where they're based and what they do. That's the reason we were sent away from the city. So, to keep secret. But now I know. Good you're not an enemy. It seems then you're under my thumb. It surely does..

Could you show me the bathroom? I need to...wash my face. Straight then right..

Why do you need your backpack though? I've got my soap in there. We have plenty of soap in the house. (Masha): I use my own always..

My room is upstairs..

Hi, everyone! Hi. Happy New Year, Mum! Happy New Year. Now, why do you have a knife in your hand? Fascists are here? Lyuba has been taken and I'm fighting this chicken! Can't pluck her feathers out! Feel, when I'm out to open the door, They grow again. Why are you alone? I thought you'll have Maxim with you. Oh, there won't be any Maxim in my life anymore! Thanks God. Yes! I know you're happy to hear that! But no God talk. You don't believe in him. Then thanks to the one who arranged all that. His name is Vitaly. What? (Lisa): My future husband's name is... Vitaly. And by his virtue I'll start a new life. But we agreed to start drinking together. When did you manage to get ahead? (Lisa): Three days ago. Three days ago we met each other and saw straightaway how deeply in love we are. Champaigne or wine? (Lisa): Love, mama, love made me drunk. (Margaret): Got it..

Good evening, Lisochka. (Lisa): Good evening. (Dad): Happy New Year. (Lisa): Happy New Year. By the way, how's Maxim doing? I'd ask everybody to forget that name. Oh, nice. Can I get him fired then? Because he's a sloppy subordinate. He got late today and never apologised. Margaret, how do you think of it? After the New Year, you can do whatever you please, dad. Be it Maxim, or your bacteria... Wait, you're in this fur coat again, I asked you not to wear it. It's a very luxurous thing. You might get robbed, or (superstitiously spits behind his shoulder) killed. (Lisa): It's winter now, dad. Other coats make me cold. And also, I always have the driver near me. Lizzy, murder is a one-minute thing... Said an expert in murders. You better tell him that joke about your new husband. Now, that's not a joke. I am marrying him indeed..

Are you marrying... Maxim? Why do you never listen to me, dad? Why, I do. I just also sometimes think of my work. It's a complex, responsible... Now, please, don't be mad at me, at least tonight!.

Let's all calm down and decide what I should do with this goddamn chicken! She's got more feathers than meat! By the way, Vitaly is an excellent chef. We can ask him when he's here. (Dad):Who's Vitaly? My future husband. It wasn't funny a minute ago, it's stil not funny. (Lisa):Then I repeat. For professors.

And for professors' mistresses. My broom's name is Vitaly. He's from Cherepovets and he'll soon come here. And why didn't he come with you now? Vitaly said he can't make his appearance on the holiday empty-handed. I sent Matvey for him. Should come back soon. (Dad):Listen well now, Tonight I'll have a thorough talk with Matvey. And from now on, I do not allow him to do all your caprices. Because Matvey is my, my personal driver. Mine, not yours. (Margaret): Wait. Are you into revenge now? That we didn't like Maxim. There wasn't anything to like him for. He's nobody. And stop mentioning him, especially when Vitaly's here. Right, Vitaly means Vitaly. Yes, it does. And a lot he means to me, he does. From Cherep-ovets. From Cherepovets. (Dad): How old is he? (Margaret): Leave that to me. How old is he? 47. (Margaret): 47? Why not 50? Born on June, 7th, was married. Divorced. Has one child Rodion who lives with mother in Kazan. No other wives or children. Any other questions?.

I'm just curious, who did she take that rich fantasy from? No clue. And what does Vitaly from Cherepovets do for living? Before war, he made figures out of marble and metal And now he forges fortifications, from trash. And how's that called... Forger? You can call him... a sculptor. Right, I'm all warm now. I need a shovel. Where're you going? (Lisa): We're going to clean up the snow. Huge drifts outside, human height. Why would't you leave that shovel to Vitalik? And ask him to do it. (Lisa): Mum, Vitalik lost his left foot in the battle. If he will walk on our drifts, he'll lose the second foot!.

Do you think it's all a joke? Forger, Cherepovets, with no foot? (Margaret): No. I know her well..

We didn't like Maxim, and here we are. If Lisa wants her revenge, she'll marry a rogue. No, she won't. Lisa is a clever girl. Remember yourself at her age..

She'll once stop sowing her wild oats. And that sure gets me wild. Why must everything always repeat itself. Now I only wish Granny relieved herself before the new year..

5 beats. Granny is hungry. (Dad): Not only her. Sorry. Thank you for letting me have a bath..

I think I haven't had it... roughly 6 months. Don't worry about it, you should've taken your time. There's a second bathroom upstairs. Nobody would have disturbed you. (Masha): you have... two bathrooms? The second one as large? I should apologize for trying to kiss you earlier. No, you shouldn't. Apologise you shouldn't. Also, I was first to kiss you back then, in the bombshelter..

Back then it was... a different situation. Perhaps, you just wanted to... calm yourself down, I understand. Your father died two days ago. (Masha):Dad died a while ago. They took him from us two days ago. We kept him in the attic to not lose... food tokens. The neighbors finally found out and reported..

That's terrible. I mean it's terribly unfair. You must not live... like that. (Masha): Who should? Right, let's talk about something sublime. You promised to draw me. Where do I put myself? (Denis): Here. How should I pose for you? But know you, I can't stand too long. (Dnis): You can lie. (Masha):If I do, I'll fall asleep. Then sit..

Denis, I just wanted to... Forgive my intrusion but I need to counsel with Denis, it won't take long..

I had a perfect plan. And then everybody began to spoil it. First, they took Lyuba who only could handle the chicken Then you brought Masha Now Lisa's going to drag in some Vitaly! Maxim you mean.. Maxim's banned now. I can help with chicken. (Margaret): I have handled the chicken already! Now I'm waiting until everybody's around and sending it to the oven! You must prepare Masha. You should explain to her that all... ...this... is just because it's holiday season. What this? That we'll be having down there. Where? On the table! Stop playing the fool, will you? You get it all perfectly well! You must explain to Mashen'ka that usually, on other, usual days, we have it all like the rest do..

Usually... (Margaret): Yes! ...that all is better because Lyuba cooks. (Margaret): Listen here. If you want Masha to stay, you'll help me!.

I don't want to lie. (Margaret) you think I do? Nobody does! But everybody wants to eat! We can't be having only chicken, there'll be.. champaigne, potatoes, lard. What should I do with this all? (Denis): if Masha sees so much food on the table, she'll go crazy..

Okay, I'll put on bread and lard first. Then we'll see..

Granny has had her food. Hope not only that she had. Finished already? (Lisa): you joking? Dug in two meters deep at most. Now'll take my gloves, get warm and back down. Leave it. Matvey'll get back and clean it all up. That's not his job. You said yourself we had him working too much. Yes... You're right. Okay, then I'm going there myself. No. You can't. Your back. And don't forget, you're a very important person. For the party. Elisabeth. First, my back is alright. Second, I do not like your jokes, about the party. Because these scumbags... these squares, this flat was given to us by the party while I'm perfoming an important directive of theirs. Is there anything unclear about it?.

Why did you break up with Maxim? Doesn't matter. You and mother didn't like him anyway. (Dad): Well, yes, we didn't. But we saw him only from one side. Maybe, from another side, he is... Different? (Lisa): No. He's a scoundrel, from all sides. I invited him to theatre last week. And he lied he needs to leave the town. Leave the town? Yes. As though it's as easy. But that's not the only reason. Lisa, have you seen my camera? Mum wanted us to capture the moment tonight..

Why did you ask about Maxim, if you don't need a reply that much? I thought you have finished your reply. I was going to. No I am not. Wha about the camera? What about my sensibilities? You didn't even try to make it up for me, show some curiousity. Phoney one would do..

Sorry, I had a hard day today. Lisa... Why dd you break up wth Maxim?.

Damn you! (Dad): Quiet, be nice. Granny doesn't like bad language. Since she lost her voice, her ear has... gotten keener..

I took the camera. (Dad): Whose? Yours. (Dad): You did? (Lisa): Yes. For what? If I tell you, you'll get angry. Oh, I surely will, if you won't tell me. I was shootning white nights. Now? In winter? (Lisa): No, in summer. Dad, you won't understand anyway. (Dad): Lisa... In our time, film is a no-get. Are there intact shots left? (Lisa): there are, don't worry..

That's very good to hear. Right, three beats. Granny wants to drink. What should I do? If I bring compote, she'll send me back for tea. Why can't we do it... differently? Three times: compote. Three times pause, three times:tea. What can be easier than that? (Lisa): My sweet Jesus! Who's the scientist here? Why can't you bring up both tea and compote?! We've got tray here. Elisabeth, for future reference, do not mention God in vain while I'm here. Why do you care all of a sudden? You're an atheist..

Good, jolly evening! Is this the house of the Voskresenskis, am I right? Mum, let me introduce Vitaly. Not true, girl. I am Ded Moroz (Santa Claus). One of a kind, just off the North Pole! With lots, lots of... gifts! My pleasure, Vitaly. (Vitaly): Mine it is. Morozovich?.

Off I go. Where to? Will let Matvey go..

Please, make yourself... The can fell. Thanks you. (Vitaly): You're welcome. (Margaret): Make yourself at home. (Vitaly):Thank you..

Vitaly... Stop messing around! Parents're on alarm, they might now think ... this beard is real. (Vitaly): I just wanted to make some fun. I understand. I'll tell you when it's time... for fun. Show me around, mistress..

I brought decorations, DIY ones. (Margaret): Marvelous. I began to derocate it but then got sidetracked. Then, if I may... (Margaret): You're the boss. Also, I brought Azalmar. (Margaret): Aza-what? Azalmar. Have you heard? You haven't, have you? (Margaret):Wine or champaigne? (Vitaly): Good guess..

It's a board game. As a side note, smuggled from Germany, best played in groups..

What smell is that? You're roasting chicken. Your olfanction is wonderful. (Vitaly): Thank you. So, about Azalmar. So amusing, you know, impossible to give up. Rumours have it that Hitler personally shot his officers when he noticed them playing. For what? Why, got hooked and forgot about everything. (Lisa) Where did you get it? There's none anymore where I got it. (Margaret): Vitaly... Tell us how you met our daughter..

That was the best day of my life. I'll never f-f-orget it. We met each other at the market. I was selling some bric-a-bracks there when Lisa came and... brought such a good c... The other way around! I came to buy. Beads! Exactly! Lisa came to buy beads, and I was there... not selling them. And then I said to him... to you Why aren't you selling those beads? You've got such amazing decorations.. .there. Do-it-yourself....

And you know what I said to her... (Margaret): Well? Won't ever forget that phrase. If you hang those beads on your neck, your noggin will come off!.

Hello. I've had a bad guess again. Granny wants water, plain water. Dad, that's Vitaly. Our Santa Claus. Vitaly. Pleasure. George Sanych. (Vitaly): Pleasure it is for me. I, frankly, thought Lisa made you up. I am real. Yes, I can see that. Pardon me. Lisa, have you seen my sharpener? Got lost somewhere. Dad! (Margaret): Who needs your sharpener? You always lose something. (George): Not true. I left it on the table, it disappeared when I got back. (Margaret): Sure your bacteria have filched them. (Vitaly): You've got a gorgeous tree! If you give me... a ladder or something, I'll have those decorations On the very top. On the very top, with your foot? I don't have just three fingers, the foot is whole..

Thank you. What's that? (Lisa): Not 'what'. 'Who'. That's our Granny. She apparently wants someone to take her trash out. I 've just been there. What trash? I don't think it's trash anymore... Margaret, please, come up and find out what she wants..

Well... You two, get to know each other. I'm off to throw some snow over..

Why, Lisa? Vitaly's already here. Oh, here he is That's fabulous. And how're we going to come out tomorrow? Tell Denis to join. What's he doing up there?.

Vitaly... How did you get wounded? Right in the first day. We went out for an attack. The Germans were there. Fired their guns. All the squad guys died, I only lost three toes..

Apparently, I was not made for the war. Please give me the bicycle. Yes, here you go. What about you and Lisa? Serious business? Yes. I think we love each other. Well, I like that you think so. But are you completely sure? Not completely sure yet, not gonna lie..

Vitaly, don't you think that Lisa is, to put it mildly....

Younger than me? Significantly younger! 'Significantly' doesn't sound mild enough. You know, I don't feel the difference in age. Sometimes I get a feeling I am younger than her. No, I don't mean that she looks old. She looks great, especially in that hat. And also without the hat, without the coat... Please stop. Or you might fall off the stool. You think there's enough decorations? Enough compliments for my daughter. Sorry. What in the world are you doing? You have back pain! You want to lie up like Granny?.

Go fetch the lard, it's in the cellar. Has Granny already done her thing? Not yet, but she promised to try again..

Vitaly, Lisa said you wanted to get married?.

Yeah, next Saturday. I'm afraid it's not going to work. Why? The registry office is open on Saturday, I am free. Well, you'll want to celebrate it. Not really. We don't want a loud wedding, especially since I was already married once..

I see no point in these ceremonies. And you know the way things are going right now. So you didn't plan to invite the parents? Why would you think so? We are always glad to see you. Happy to hear that, but I still would ask you to postpone the wedding..

For four months. Six months max. Half a year? Then God knows what can happen. The Germans can take Leningrad..

I didn't want to tell Lisa. You too, make sure not to spill the beans. Lisa cried for a long time when she found out about her grandmother's tumour..

And if I say that I have the same condition, I am afraid my girl will not bear it..

You have a tumour? Of the throat. There is a surgery ahead, so I try to speak quietly..

I haven't noticed that. I usually speak very loudly..

Well, if things are that serious, then... Things are very serious. Well, of course we will do as you say and postpone it. Just don't tell Lisa, let it be our secret. I'll tell her everything myself. I would love to whisper "gorko" at your wedding..

I understand. I'll be quiet as... Sorry. Sorry, slipped my tongue... It's nothing. What do the doctors say? Can it be cured? No. Medicine, unfortunately, is powerless. It is hereditary. It is only passed down through the female line..

N-no, let's hope Lisa doesn't get it. Mama! What have you done? Please forgive me. She stands like that for a long time already. Not moving, not blinking, not sure she's even breathing..

Breathing. Breathing! Masha, Masha's wrong with you, huh?.

Daughter! Can you hear me? Maybe call a doctor? Yeah, right, together with the team. We're just missing doctors here! Oh, sorry, sometimes I fall asleep on the go. Are you sleeping with your eyes open? Well, yeah. I worked after school at the factory... And then I do my homework at night..

Masha, let go of the knife, I will cut the bread myself. And how do you have so much bread? A whole loaf..

So I... I do not really like the bread. Yes. And Lisa too..

Ration cards... We saved up, saved up... and that's somehow accumulated. And George (mumbles the name) received an award... In short, something like that happened, kind of..

Wait, wait. And what, you cut the bread without papers?.

Who, me? Well, of course, with the paper. Like all normal people do..

Maybe you want to do it yourself? I was shoveling the snow, so my hands got frozen..

(whispers) But I thought Lisa does that. I thought you were helping her. Yes, I was going to. Until I met Masha..

Now not a crumb goes to waste..

Do you dance? Me? No. It George forgot to wax the floor..

Yes, I remembered that I forgot to wax the floor..

Did you open the window? I do not remember. So go and open..

- Vitaly? - Listening. - I have a suggestion for you. - Yes?.

I've cooked many festive meals, and Denis, the youngest son, brought the girl Masha..

Her parents died and she might not understand. Where you got so many toys? Where we got so much food. Well, you are an adult, you don't need to be told about categories, about special rations..

You can't explain such things to kids. Yes! Exactly my point! My God, how great it is that you understand me so well!.. So can you turn into Santa Claus,.

And tell Masha that you brought all of these products yourself? Well, for example, in this bag..

Well, it's going to be a lie. It's going to be more than a lie, it will be a miracle that we all expect. Save us, Vitaly Morozovich! (refers to Santa).

So does your husband know about your idea? Not yet. But he will not mind - I promise. Good. So, it's an agreement then? Well, yes. I'm happy. In your position you can't help but be happy. Truly so. So what do I say, when Masha asks where I got these products?.

Well, you tell her that you have brought them from the North Pole..

Riding deer. Is Masha four years old? More. Then we need a different answer..

What? Santa will say that he brought the products in the bag. And we're thinking what to say if Maria asks where he got them..

We can say that the bag is a magical one..

And if you'd get such an answer? That would be weird. That's the point. Say that you sold something to set the holiday table..

I'll get confused if there are some suggestive questions: what is sold, for how much..

And anyway, I have never done it. Yes, it is easier to divide fractions. Lisa said you were a scientist. What are you doing? I'm a microbiologist, I grow bacteria for party orders..

I'm sorry, I have no right to speak on this topic. Were you assigned to create a biological weapon? Oh no, this is nonsense. Biological weapons were banned in 1925, the Geneva Protocol... It's fiction..

It is a utopia. You're a terrible liar! I keep telling him all the time, but he does not believe. So there we go. Now my husband will have to shoot you. Margarita, it's not funny. Do you have weapons? -No. - Yes. A premium gun, presented personally by Stalin. - Come on. - Yeah. - Can I see it? Okay, come on, show it..

There you go. That's a solid gift, I'd give my second leg for it. You know how much it would cost on the black market? Can I take a look? No, excuse me, you can't touch it because it is charged. I was not even supposed to show it..

I have an idea. What if I say I'm from the police? We have detained robbers who attacked a warehouse..

And you were awarded with products? You read my mind. Lord, you are a genius! Thank you. You never told me such compliments. So we stopped at this version. If you want to eat, take it. I can't. We all haven't sat down at the table. But you're hungry, aren't you? I see your hands trembling..

Lips? You mean lips. Hands do not tremble. Please eat, you have my permission. But this is not your bread. What is the difference - where to eat, here or there? If you don't eat it, I'll do it. I can even eat it whole. Want to bet? Stop. Everybody gets the same amount of bread..

Granny? No, it's a tradition..

"Let the string of unpleasant days go away and our wonderful Santa Claus...".

Can I use my own words? Lisa, why do you spoil everything? Every year before the meal we read these verses. I was afraid to say how sick and tired of them I got for twenty years. Why are you looking at me like that? We both knew that sooner or later this moment would come. So, kids, today we have an extraordinary day. Today we have Santa Claus..

Not just your regular Santa, but the police officer that was chasing robbers for the whole day,.

And then, finally, he caught them today. Well, why police already? Should have told me - I'd have given everything back at once..

Like you're some detectives or something..

That's my pencil sharpener, I told you I didn't lose it..

Shouldn't have taken the powder box - it is broken, empty. I tried to sell it. Useless. Masha, why would you do that? Well, if you needed money or things - you should have asked, we'd have given them to you. Oh really? Gimme. Gold, if possible. Silver will do too. Masha, we all understand what you've gone through and how much you need the money Nobody's taking you to the police. I will not let her go. Okay, calm down, I'm not a policeman. It was a joke..

It's just a prank. Game's over. No more panic! So, Masha, if you like all of these things - you can take everything. Just put them back - they're yours now. Are you joking again? I never joke about things, take them. Masha, I'm sorry, but can I give you a different pencil sharpener? A smaller one though. I just got used to this one. It makes such sharp points. So convenient for taking notes..

Let her have it all. It's the least we can do for her..

Today is a holiday! There's almost no time left before the New Year.

So let's forget all our sorrows and sit down together at the table..

Santa has brought us something tasty. Lard! Chocolate! Canned food! Bread! And finally, the bagels! Wow! Hurrah!.

Masha! Masha!.

We're not arguing, no need to knock! Oh my God! Masha! Mom, don't hit Masha, you forgave her! I'm trying to bring her to life, how else am I supposed to do that? We need ammonia. Where's ammonia? I know we had it somewhere! Luba knew where it was. I have perfume. Masha, can you hear me? I told you to get rid of it. Why seek attention all the time? I got rid of the rest. I can't get rid of this one. Never mind, I'll help you..

See, she woke up. You never know what you might need at the last minute. What? Did I faint again? Er... How many fingers? Is this a Hitler salute? Okay, how about this? Now I see two. Masha, what happened? Maybe she'd better get some sleep, huh? On an empty stomach - a great idea indeed! Denis, please, stop talking about food all the time. Poor girl faints because of it. All is fine with me. I just really have not seen so much food in one place for a while. At the same time. Us, too. For a relatively long time. Haven't seen..

Thanks to our son-in-law. The future one. Vitaly..

Let's assume this is a rehearsal for the wedding. Eat, children. Eat..

That felt really good! Rita, shall I pour the drinks? But of course! It is high time. Pour it up! Thank you! Take your seats! Is this a pre-war champagne? Grab your glasses. Well, let's finally kiss this terrible old year goodbye!.

So that it'd never happen again, ever. But wait, my dear. Wasn't there something good in the past year after all?.

Yes, I remember about your successes in the lab. But you never let us talk about them....

...in front of the fairytale characters. Brag away! I can cover my ears with the beard..

Remember when our Luba used to sing a song about the field?.

Oh. What were the lyrics? Field... Field... My....

Field, field of gold. Who even sings like that? Lisa asked me about the lyrics, not the music..

O field, my field, field of gold..

Cast the ashes of past sorrows to the wind..

The sky of blue above thee, o field.

My homeland's sky of blue..

We greeted the morn with a song of joy..

And our voices ring over the field..

And the song flies over the kolkhoz villages,.

Rivers and forests echo the tune..

Over thee, o field, birds fly From beyond the deep blue sea to distant lands..

Carrying the song of my homeland on their wings into the fog of the foreign lands.

Where are you going? I'll get our Grandma some champagne. Yes, but she never asked for it. I'll give it to her anyway. She needs to celebrate too, since we can't bring her downstairs. What if everybody just goes upstairs, to her room, together? Together we will not fit into the room. Besides, Granny does not like strangers..

I am sorry. Do not slouch..

Hello, Voskresensky speaking. Greetings, Arkady Kapitonovich. Thank you, you too! Happy holidays! Well, as always... In the right place..

No, 'they' are in the regular place. No, I haven't checked. What?...

Impossible. Yes, understood. I'll check and get back at you ASAP..

What happened? The head of the security just called. He said the lab was open at night. But I'm absolutely sure I locked it!.

Also I can't find the keys to the lab..

Masha, I'm sorry, you wouldn't happen to take my keys, would you?.

You know, such a small bunch. There were two long ones and a short one. No, I wouldn't. Not a chance. So Masha is the prime suspect now? Speaking of keys, in this "Azalmar" game there's.

A card that allows you to open any door. On the one hand - it's great if you get the card, but on the other hand, it is ... Why do you bring this up, 'darling'? Well, to lighten the atmosphere. Well, we'll play later. In the new year. Maybe you dropped them? I couldn't have dropped them, it's my life's work! If a stranger gets access into the lab, there will be a disaster..

But strangers can't get into the building. You have guards. Yes, we have guards outside, but the floors are empty. Oh Lord, why did I just say that? Hey, you sure you locked the lab? Stop asking stupid questions, of course I locked it! WE ARE NOT ARGUING! Oh my God! Don't yell at me! I'm sorry. If I don't call Arcady Kapitonovich ASAP, he'll call.

The next level authorities and there'll be a huge ruckus... Tell them the keys are at home, you'll find them later. What if I don't find them? I'm a terrible liar....

OK, calm down. Tell me, the laboratory is now locked, right?.

Yes, locked. So, all is well then, yes? We all just need to calm down. New Year is around the corner. Let's find the keys later, George. Everyone wants to eat. Margarita, my life, my work are at stake!.

The life of an entire country trembles in the balance! And you keep telling me about food? Yes, because I think about the family, I want everyone to be well. I do it for your sake. You checked the coat? Yes, I did. What about the other two?! Yesterday you went to the office in the brown one. So you have three coats? Just a coincidence. The first one is a memento of my father's... And the other two, they are not very warm. You have to wear one under the other ....

Lord, what on earth are you talking about? Enough playing the fool..

Indeed, that's right. Margaret, can you pass me the carafe? - Sorry. - Thanks..

Yes, Masha, George has three coats, I have four..

With a mink fur collar. Yes, we live a good life. And there are families who live even better..

There are countries in which there is no war, but they are worse off - nothing can be done..

You like the taste? All these salads, lard?.

That's the most important thing. Is it important for you to know who brought these products: Santa Claus or Stalin?.

Rita, I found them. They were in the briefcase. How they got there is beyond me though. - Yes, indeed. - Sorry. Does Comrade Stalin provide you with products? Yes, Masha. Pass the salad, please. George performs state tasks of particular importance, so we get special rations..

We didn't tweak the system to get these rations. We got them under orders from the state. Think we shouldn't have taken them? And be hungry like everyone else? Well, you could've shared the surplus with other people. How? In what way? How much do we give, how much do we save? Well, I'll give it away to children, but tomorrow they will return. With their parents..

And the next day the whole city will be here. The Tyapkovskis give half a ration to an orphanage once a month..

Just once a month they feed the poor children. What generosity! The children can fill their bellies for just one day! So maybe it's better than nothing? Want to help? Well, you can fight the cause. We didn't start the war. But we aren't on the sidelines, we are also fighting! Not in the foreground, but still! My husband, by the way ....

- Please, don't... - I have to say it! Because it is true. You're fighting in your own way. He doesn't go to the front line, doesn't come home covered with blood, but there's a huge risk in this, too..

Rita, do not defend me. I can protect myself. No, you can't. You can't. I have to make a call! Sorry. How dare they even suspect you? Why? Some security chief! What would've he guarded if it hadn't been for you? Can you pass the cabbage, please? It's easy to speculate with the abundance on the table. Where does this abundance come from? From the state that appreciates us..

It takes care of us. And why should you be loved? What did you give to this world?.

We have already seen what you can take. But what do you give in return?.

Mom, her parents died - how can you say this? I feel sorry about her parents. Of course. Yes, I'm actually sorry about your parents. And all the poor people on the planet. We just don't have enough bread for everyone. You have enough if you share it equally. That means there'll be a shortage of something else. Sugar. Or pants..

Or money. Right. Pass the carafe, please. Here you go. Margarita, a wonderful salad you got. The ideal proportion of herring with potatoes..

What's the point? What's the use of your money, if we have to wear expensive things at home or at parties?.

You bought me sheepskin gloves, but make me leave them in the car. If YOU deserve it all, why should WE hide?.

Yes, Masha stole those things. But she still is a thousand, no, a million times better than all of us! That's not true. And you don't have to protect me..

I killed them all..

I told them to stay at home and not to go anywhere because they can't get anything..

They will stay. And they will wait for me. I killed my family..

Masha. I'm not better than you all. I don't even know you people..

I just wanted to eat..

You wanted to get into my pants, I just wanted to eat..

Well, if I'm lucky, something to steal..

You know what the worst thing? I'm not ashamed. I am laughing..

I find it funny to look at you trying so hard to pretend to be ordinary people for the whole evening..

This one's for you..

God damn you all to hell..

Masha! Masha!.

Do I get to run after her? Don't ask for permission - run! Wait a minute, take a coat. Not yours! Her coat!.


Dad, I suddenly remembered something. Maxim left a folder in the lab, and I gave him your keys. But! He returned them in less than a minute. And I put them right back into your briefcase. Yeah, I know. He was spotted in the lab, now people think I let him in..

I'm sure Maxim never graduated from a Baku university..

How can that be? He showed you a diploma. It's all fake. I... I'm an idiot. God, what an idiot I am. It's been obvious from the first day. He could not tell the difference... Between a virus and bacteria... He was constantly confused..

Maxim... or whatever his true name is... He intruded into my laboratory to get access to my studies..

And he got it. How? Who else knows about this? I think it's a matter of time..

Dad... I told Maxim where we live..

I invited him to our place, sent a car for him..

And he said that he didn't have time. That he's busy, that he does not know when he gets free..

And he asked for the exact address. I gave it to him! And then he said that he won't come. You... First, you gave him the keys....

Then you gave the spy our address? Daddy, dear, please forgive me! I had no idea he was a spy. I beg you, forgive me! I didn't know this would've happened!.

Please, I didn't understand anything, Daddy!.

Sorry! Lisa, do you realize that the work of all my life, all of my research is now in the hands of the Germans!.

Why just the Germans? Maybe Maxim was working for the Americans. Or the British..

We have no shortage of enemies. Dad, I'm sorry, I didn't know anything, Dad! Go away from me. Sorry! Daddy, darling, I'm sorry, I don't know anything! Get away from me, get away. Get away from me, I beg you! Get out of here! Listen! You shouldn't treat Lisa that way! You have no right! Vitaly... It is easy to blame her for everything! Shut up, let's go. I was silent for too long. What's the big deal, some secrets got stolen! Should've protected these secrets better! Any girl can rob you guys. Lisa was right, shut up!.

You, I'm sorry, you SIR, get out of my house! Get outta here yourselves! STOP KNOCKING!! And stop yelling at my fiancée!! I'm not your fiancée. Who the hell are you then? You never liked Maxim, so I asked this guy to pretend being my fiancé!.

I promised to feed him, give money..

So you know how he lost his leg? He shot it..

Not to get to the front lines..

Oh my God! Here, here. Where are you going? Carry her here!.

What, is it the New Year already? Four more minutes..

Are these our troops? Nah, the Nazis. Rita, Rita. I'm here. Come on, call Denis, move Granny out. I'm staying. But maybe, maybe they will fly further? No, they won't. It's me they want. And you, save yourselves. Take Granny with you, that's a priority. We won't move Granny without you. Dad! Follow me. Nah, too late. You hear how close they are? Their humming. They have insane speed. We still won't make it. If they know where your home is, they won't miss..

Lights off! What's that smell? I forgot to take the chicken out. Charcoal chicken, anyone? Didn't Masha wake up from the noise? She's sleeping. - What about Granny? - She's reading a book. Well, the important thing is, everyone's alive. Hurrah. George, chin up, everything turned out fine. No, not really. The Germans don't need me! And all my study is not worth a dime. I just eat someone's lunch for no reason..

You are slandering yourself. You are doing important work. You and your germs... One day you'll show the world who's in charge..

Nope, no one will show anything. It's too late. I don't get it. Aren't you glad you're alive? Hmph..

Maybe Maxim didn't have the time to deliver the data to the Germans? Maybe they'll arrive again tomorrow?.

I suggest not to wait for tomorrow and solve all the problems right now. Oh, and you're still here? I thought you ran away while it was dark. I want to hear excuses. You spoiled my holiday. Yelled at me..

Stop playing a victim. Go in peace..

This crosses all lines. I'll throw this deserter outside. Shut your trap, professor, and don't rock the boat..

Freeze! Please don't shout, Granny does not like it. Shut up, will ya? You guys realize I can shoot you all right now without any consequences?.

George is an accomplice of a spy. And you guys are the family of the public enemy..

So what, Lisa? Wanted to use me, huh? And now I'm using you..

Yes. Yes, I'm not a hero..

I'm Santa Claus. And you are my Snow-Maiden. On Saturday, you will marry me. And you, professor, will hire me. And I won't tell anyone about Maxim and his fake diploma..

We'll live happily ever after. As one big happy family..

I'm no worse than you, so I suggest we become family..

And now I will go upstairs to Granny and do something you had to do yourselves a long time ago. You're welcome. Move an inch, professor, I'll blow your brains out..

Happy New Year..

"Let the string of unpleasant days go away and our wonderful Santa Claus...".

Alex, use your own words. Okay. My name is Alex Krasovsky, I wrote and directed this film. And I'm Sergey Astakhov, the operator and the producer of this movie. On behalf of everyone involved in the creation of "Holiday" we want to greet you, dear viewers, Happy New Year..

We wanted to get to you the usual way and play our movie in cinemas. But then the officials and TV propaganda started to intervene. We were accused of Nazism, historical negationism....

Even prosecutors got hired to ban our movies, but as you can see, we found a way to get to you..

We didn't ask for money from the state and paid for its making out our own pockets. If you enjoyed the movie and you want us to make more, there is an account number below the video..

Please don't forget to put a "Charity" mark into your transaction, so that it'd be easier for us to make more movies. 1077 01:11:42,720 --> 00:00:00,000 Thank you for the attention. Once again, Happy New Year.

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